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Sex Crimes Defense 

Sex crimes in the Sacramento criminal justice system are their own special category of crime that require the assistance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Getting convicted of a sex related offense can have serious, long-lasting consequences on your life, such as requiring you to register as sex offender which becomes public record.

This should frighten you enough to fight any sex charge levied against you with all your might. That would include hiring me as your attorney, if you don’t want a sex crime to follow you for the rest of your life.

I challenge all the evidence and will fight to have your charge dismissed. I even employ my own highly knowledgeable investigator to verify all evidence. Your life is worth fighting for.

Don't Panic if You Are Accused of a Sex Crime

Many sex crimes have traditionally been difficult to prove. Consequently, prosecutors and courts have accepted testimony that wouldn’t normally hold up in other types of crime. For instance, for decades rape has been a she said – he said crime where what she said seemed to hold more weight. Now, forensics is more sophisticated. However, it still is not without problems or possible false readings. More than ever prosecutors are gathering evidence from emails and private computers, linking circumstantial surfing habits with pre-defined behavior. Chat room stings are also used to prove a predatory pattern by having undercover police pose as underage targets. Hidden cameras and wires are employed to prove prostitution. CCTV is another 24/7 evidence gathering tool showing that you were in the wrong place at the right time to make you a suspect. It may even catch you in the act of indecent exposure where you had no intent of doing so.

The intent of the accused can be a pivotal fact in determining whether one is actually guilty of violating many of the enumerated sex offenses found in California and Federal Law. If you are accused of a sex crime it is important you hire an experienced criminal defense attorney that knows how to guide you through the stressful process of combating the allegations. I use to be a prosecutor and prosecuted se x offenses. I know how the detectives and prosecuting agencies will try to build a case over what witnesses and you are saying and reacting to.

I also work with experienced investigators the use to be detectives in sex crime units for police so I can quickly determining what are the deficiencies in the government’s investigation against you. I use the services of a top notch criminal investigator to assist met in evaluating and discovering evidence. Sex crime convictions in reality can be a life sentence with the registration requirements. You must fight these cases with everything you have and you need to hire a lawyer that will fight these offenses with everything he has. I am the lawyer that can help you.

Child Molestation

Fighting a Child Molestation Charge

If you have been charged with child molestation, the charge alone can turn your life upside down. Despite the law and legal intent, this is one charge where most people will consider you guilty until you are proven innocent. Depending on the charges, you may lose your job, have access to your own children revoked, or be required to pay a hefty bail to obtain release from jail. And before you even go to trial, your accuser may be elevated to the rank of martyr.

Goal #1 – Beating the charge

Most people believe that anyone found guilty of child molestation has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Even in prison, they are considered the lowest of the low, a pariah that even convicted murderers shun. Not to scare you, but yeah, I am trying to scare you to the reality you face unless you receive a competent, experienced legal defense for your charge.

I know that the longer this charge lingers, the worse it becomes. My goal would be to destroy the credibility of the charge as quickly as possible without appearing as if I am insensitive to the victim. My position is that the charge against you is not valid. I don’t want you to go to trial. I want your charge dismissed. I even have my own experienced investigator who will leave no stone unturned to determine your innocence.

Goal #2 – Beating a conviction

If enough of the prosecution’s evidence survives my onslaught to go to trial, I will use my years of experience in the courtroom on both sides of the courtroom to fight your case. I know juries and how they think. I know you do have redeeming qualities and I won’t let the prosecution demonize you. I will make them stick to the facts and take the emotion out of the case. I won’t let tears detract from the evidence. When the jury makes their decision, I will make sure it is based on fact and not fear.

Goal #3 – Getting your life back

As your attorney, I fight not only to win your case; I fight for your life and reputation. I will help you take the proper steps to get your life back. I will help you restore your honor and good name.

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