I knew I was innocent from the start and David believed what I was saying. The DA wouldnt back off so David took my case to a felony jury trial and we won. I had been in county jail for like months but after the jury said I was not guitly I walked out a free man that same day! David was a beast in the courtroom and he got me justice. – Client, 1 Month Ago.

David is an excellent attorney. He defended my son in a criminal case He works hard and smart. He is realistic, diligent and respectful. . My son got excellent representation and the best possible verdict considering the circumstances. I would recommend Dave Bonilla unconditionally with total confidence. – Client, 3 Months Ago

I am fully satisfied and greatly relieved with Mr Bonilla’s thorough and efficient representation and the outcome of my sons case. He was able to resolve my sons serious situation with the best possible outcome in a professional, timely fashion. I will recommend David Bonilla to my extended family and friends Hands Down!- Client, 8 Months Ago

David knows the law and the process very well. I hired him because I was on the brink of losing my nursing license. He took control and helped me maintain my license due to unprofessional conduct which was not true. I will forever thank this law office for working so hard on my case.- Client, 9 Months Ago

Recently my son was arrested for some pretty major crimes, our family was referred to David W.Bonilla. From the initial meeting and subsequent court dates all the way up to sentencing Mr. Bonilla was there for my son and family, without doubt it is his expertise and knowledge of California law that got my sons charges dramatically dropped and sentencing significantly cut. I cannot say enough of our gratitude to Mr. Bonilla and i strongly recommend him to anyone who is in need of an honest, smart and trusting lawyer- Client, 1 Year Ago

My son was at the wrong place at the wrong time and was falsely accused of a crime in which another set of kids were involved. Mr. Bonilla did a great job in investigating our case and interviewing witnesses. We were scared and Mr. Bonilla made us felt at ease because of his knowledge with the juvenile court system. We put our faith in him and it paid off. My son’s charge was dismissed- Client, 1 Year Ago

David is very experienced and is a smart lawyer. If you want to hire an attorney, this is the guy to do the job. While I was incarcerated, he visited me frequently and kept me informed. I had a very serious complex case against me, and he still got the outcome I wanted. If you want a great lawyer this the man.Thank you Dave!- Client, 1-3 Years Ago

I recently referred a friend to the Bonilla…Law Firm. My friend was able to reach Mr. Bonilla in the middle of the night after her husband was arrested for a Felony DUI. Mr. Bonilla acted on the call promptly and gave useful legal advice that night. My friend retained Bonilla and Cintean LLP. and was extremely pleased how Mr. Bonilla represented her husband and treated her family. I had seen Mr. Bonilla in a criminal jury trial on a prior occasion and noticed how prepared he was for the case and what a strong advocate he can be through out the trial process. If you are in serious trouble and you want someone who will fight for you in a trial hire this lawyer. You wont be disappointed in his work on your case. I will continue to refer family and friends to Mr. Bonilla should they find themselves in the unfortunate position of needing legal representation.- Client, 1-2 Years Ago

I was wrongfully accused of a D.U.I. and the D.A. would not drop the case. I was referred to attorney Bonilla and he said that it would most likely go to jury trial to beat the charge. He was patient with answering my questions and we got and investigator that he uses. It was a great team. We got the evidence to support my innocense. He was very skillful on presenting and cross examining the witnesses from the government. I was found NOT GUILTY. I highly recommend Senor Bonilla if you want an excellent defense attorney.- Client, 3 Years Ago

Mr. Bonilla helped me through a difficult time when I faced criminal charges. He was easy to get a hold of and was very knowledgable on the law and legal procedures. I would highly recommend him to friends and family.- Client, 3-4 Years Ago