David W Bonilla

As an experienced criminal lawyer, I am aware that being investigated or arrested for a crime is a very serious issue in a person’s life. Once the District Attorney or U.S. Attorney decides to file a charge against you the stakes gets even higher – fines, jail time, registration requirements for some offense- are just a few of things a person must attempt to avoid. You need the right attorney.

You need an attorney that will fight for your rights at every stage of process, be that pre-filing work in an attempt to persuade the District Attorney or U.S. Attorney not to file charges against you, pointing out weaknesses in the case to the prosecuting agency once charges are filed against you in an attempt to get them to drop the case or taking your case to trial in order to show you are not guilty of the charged offense, a smart and aggressive criminal defense lawyer will be the key.

It’s your life that is on the line; your reputation, your future, your finances, your fight—it’s all about YOU. As an attorney that tirelessly fights for YOU, I never forget that. Ultimately ensuring you are treated fairly and given a chance to fully exercise your rights is my passion. You are what matters most!

My experience can help

I have spent most of my adult life preparing to be your criminal defense lawyer. My education journey began at California State University Fresno graduating with a degree in Public Administration Summa Cum Laude and ending at University of the Pacific- McGeorge School of Law and graduated in the top 7% of my class, with a “Witkin-Top Student Award” in Criminal Law. But it did not stop there. While in law school I interned at the Madera County District Attorney’s Office, the California Offices of Attorney General and the United States Attorneys.

After graduation, I worked for the civil law firm of McCormick, Barstow, Sheppard Wayte and Carruth in Fresno, CA. before being hired by the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office as a Deputy District Attorney (DA). As a DA, I effectively prosecuted crimes involving DUI, Burglary, Robbery, Drug Possession, Drug Sales, Attempted Murder, Child Molestation, White Collar Crimes and various Three Strikes cases. I chose to leave the District Attorney’s Office to defend those accused by the government of crimes they did not commit or were being unfairly treated. I have successfully defended and helped ensure the freedom of people accused of three strikes crimes, robberies, gun offenses, drug crimes, embezzlement, sex offenses, DUIs and many other types of serious offenses. In addition, I have saved professionals from losing their licenses and reputation due to serious work related and non-work related allegations.