An Overview of DWB Law's Areas of Practice

This law office believes in maintaining consistent communication with clients and keeping clients informed at all times. We work with clients to decide the best strategy for the case after a careful analysis of the applicable law, a thorough investigation of the factual circumstances, and a detailed review of the evidence involved. Regardless of whether a case has a paramount defense, is winnable at trial, or would be better served by an appropriate plea negotiation, this law office will use its experience and legal expertise to provide the client with the best solution.

Our office fully understands the stress and uncertainty that accompanies being charged with a criminal offense. We are here to help alleviate the emotional and social toll that a criminal case can impose. We help clients to resolve their cases using a unique solution carefully tailored to their particular case. By taking the time to address your particular needs, we can find the best solution to resolve your legal problem and allow you to continue on to a new start in life.

DWB Law’s mix of individual attention to clients, and prowess in the courtroom are qualities that all clients desire. Talk to us to find out how we can assist you, or visit our webpages to find out more about particular areas of criminal defense:


Theft Crimes

Probation Violations

Domestic Violence Crimes

Federal Criminal Defense

Drug Crimes

Professional License Defense

Appeals & Habeas Corpus







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