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Drug crimes are the most common criminal cases in Sacramento and other California courts. Navigating the drug crime process in Sacramento courts requires the help of a Sacramento drug crime lawyer who knows the law and has experience. I have handled many drug crime cases, from simple possession to manufacturing and distribution. Because drug crimes are so prevalent, prosecutors and the courts are often very efficient at winning cases. I am equally experienced. I used to be a prosecutor. I understand the seriousness of a drug charge. I also know how to win your case or negotiate favorably on your behalf.

Prop 215 - Medical Marijuana May Still be a Crime

Prop 215 did, however, create a complex series of loopholes specifically designed for patients and providers who need the medicinal properties of marijuana for their own use without fear of prosecution. It doesn’t exempt them from prosecution, however, if they don’t follow all the rules precisely.

A Legal Blind Eye

The Federal Laws governing marijuana are still intact. Prop 215 allows law enforcement and the courts to choose to not enforce the federal law for those who need medical marijuana. If it sounds like a tricky legal situation, you are absolutely correct. If the court or prosecutors feel you are using Prop 215 to obtain marijuana for recreational use or profit the federal laws are still in force and they will prosecute you.

But I Do Need Marijuana!

As medicine goes, marijuana is much less addicting and harmful than any one of dozens of opiate-based painkillers available legally by prescription. Marijuana’s legal problems are mostly political and botanical. It’s botanical problem is that anyone can grow it easily in their backyard and politically it is viewed by some in the federal government as a gateway drug to further substance abuse.

Obeying The Rules While Breaking The Law

If you need medical marijuana or if you would like to help other people obtain it by making it available in your shop, there are multiple rules, regulations, and laws you must pay close attention to.
The only way to safely obtain and distribute marijuana, seeing that you are technically committing a felony is to give me a call. I can help you to negotiate the legal minefield and stay out of the crosshairs of law enforcement.

Other Drug Crimes You Didn’t Know About

Any drug crime needs a good defense. I am an experienced defense attorney who knows how to fight your drug charge no matter what it is—and drug charges can be pretty complicated these days.

Cooking The Meth

Did you know that if, by coincidence, you buy a 24-hour decongestant, rubbing alcohol, acetone, and the brake cleaner toluene on the same day, the police could be alerted that you may be cooking meth? An incident of meth use by anyone you know makes you a prime suspect as the manufacturer and distributor.

Meth labs in many neighborhoods are more prevalent than Avon distributors. The manufacture, distribution, and use of methamphetamine are big business. The laws and charges related to meth can range from supplying a meth chef with regulated ingredients like the fertilizer anhydrous ammonia to using a hit of meth to get the energy to clean your house.

Cocaine – It’s Not Just For The 1% Anymore

Cocaine prevalence across all economic classes shows how popular this drug has become. It is currently the most abused illegal stimulant in the US. Crimes associated with cocaine range in levels from simple possession to major “kingpin” type drug trafficking charges.

If you are charged with a cocaine related crime you need to call us right away. I will negotiate with the prosecutor to drop your charge or have it reduced.

Heroin – Still Popular After All These Years

New drug laws crop up every day. Heroine has been around for millennia. No law will make it go away. But the law can affect you. If you have been charged with any crime involving heroine, the government still takes it seriously. Heroine possession charges may be eligible for the diversion program or Prop 36 rehab options. Heroine is a difficult drug to kick. If your charge is related to your addiction, call me. I can help.

Prescription Medication – Dotting Your I’s.

Laws governing the sale and distribution of prescription medication mostly deal with paperwork and protocol. The drugs are legal, so long as you have a doctor’s prescription and you obtained it from a legal pharmacy. Any deviance from this simple path is likely illegal.

Even doctors aren’t immune. Over-prescribing pain medication, for example may place a doctor in the category of illegal drug supplier and open for prosecution. Also, if you share your prescription, you may be considered a drug dealer as well. Possessing a handful of methadone pills that weren’t prescribed for you is no different than having a pocket full of crack cocaine.

Many of these laws are over-reaching in their efforts to control drug abuse. If you have been accused of any crime involving prescription drugs, no matter if you are a doctor, pharmacist, or patient, give me a call. I am experienced in defending prescription drug charges. DWB Law is available to speak to you even if you are arrested in the middle of the night.

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