Felony Trial Win! – May 2014

[su_note][su_dropcap]D[/su_dropcap]avid W. Bonilla represented a client unfairly accused of a felony domestic violence charge. The client maintained his innocence, and Attorney Bonilla took the case to a jury trial. After a hard fought jury trial, Mr. Bonilla obtained an acquittal for his client.[/su_note]

Case Background:
Client was charged with Felony Domestic Violence. Client and live-in girlfriend got into an argument in the early morning hours and girlfriend began to scream out that she needed help and that client was trying to kill her. Apartment neighbors heard the screaming and thumping noises on the walls and ground and called 911. The girlfriend left to a friend’s house before the police showed up and client was not arrested since no victim was not present to make a statement.

Later that morning the alleged victim went to police and claimed she had been struck in the face by the client numerous times during the morning altercation. The officer saw what appeared to be bruises on her face that corroborated her story, took several pictures and decided to arrest the client. Client said he never hit the woman and he was being set up but noone believed him.

Upon Mr. Bonilla taking the Client’s case he began to review the pictures the alleged injuries. Through Mr. Bonilla’s experience as a prosecutor and defense attorney he knew the alleged injuries appeared odd in pattern and color. Mr. Bonilla showed the pictures to a nationally renowned forensic pathologist he has worked with in the past and the pathologist also thought they appeared odd. The forensic pathologist eventually determined the appearance of injuries were a result of a cosmetic applications put upon the skin, not a result of a real trauma.

The DA did not believe the Dr. so the case went to trial. The DA wanted a prison sentence for client. During the trial the jury heard the forensic pathologists findings and found the client NOT guilty of all charges.