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Sacramento Criminal Lawyer

DWB Law zealously represents clients in criminal defense trials. If you have tried negotiating with the prosecution to no avail, or simply feel that your case needs to go to trial, our Sacramento criminal lawyer will manage your case during the trial period. Our attorney is an experienced trial attorney who will fight for you tooth and nail. When proving your innocence at trial is the only way to go, this law office is ready to assist you. Contact us today to discuss a potential strategy for your criminal trial. The Sacramento criminal defense attorney is available to speak to you 24/7.

Why should you choose DWB Law?

A True Understanding for the Needs of Clients

David W. Bonilla, Esq. is an experienced criminal defense attorneys of sacramento sacramento ca focused on practicing criminal law. He understands that being arrested or investigated for a criminal offense is an extremely serious matter that has cognizable social, emotional, and economic implications in a person’s life. All these initial problems are exacerbated once the prosecution actually begins filing charges against you and the criminal court process begins. At this point, many difficult decisions arise in the life of an accused who is in now facing exorbitant court fines, jail or prison time, or certain registration requirements which will follow them their entire lives. To appropriately deal with these types of issues, you need the right attorney.  David W. Bonilla has the experience, legal knowledge, dedication, and the desire to win to help you successfully resolve your criminal matter .

Mr.Bonilla is an attorney who aggressively attacks the prosecution’s case at every single step in the proceedings. This includes initiating the negotiations process even at the pre-filing (of criminal charges) phase in an attempt to keep the matter out of court altogether.  Only a knowledgeable and persuasive attorney, such as David W. Bonilla, will have the best chance at this type of peremptory strike against the case to stomp it out before it takes on a life of its own.  He can also assist you as a Sacramento dui lawyer if you have been arrested at a checkpoint.

As your attorney, he understands that your life is on the line.  The effects of the criminal case will affect your future, your family’s life, your financial situation, and your freedom.  Because of this, Mr. Bonilla truly the believes that his job as a criminal defense attorney is to focus on you, his client. An attorney who truly understands his clients’ problems is best suited to fight on their behalf and to ensure that the client’s personal goals are met. Call David W. Bonilla to talk to an attorney who understands you are what matters most so that your rights are fully exercised and you are treated fairly by the criminal justice system.

Determined to Successfully Defend You

If you have been charged with a crime, it is important that you hire the best attorney you can; someone who knows the law, understands a prosecutor’s thought process and strategy, and knows how to fight your charge from the beginning to end. It is also important to hire a Sacramento criminal lawyer who has developed formidable negotiation and courtroom skills who ensures the best possible outcome for my clients and who is prepared to go to trial when necessary in order to seek a “Non Guilty” verdict.

I am that  lawyer; not only because I am very good at what I do but because I am passionate about fighting for you.  Fighting for my clients with courage, compassion, and confidence  is non-negotiable for me. When you are trying to find the best attorney in Sacramento for your type of case, contact us to find out how we can help.

An Acute Attention to Detail

Beyond the expertise, experience, and the enthusiasm, you also need an Sacramento criminal lawyer who pays attention to detail and is willing to work on those details in your case. Your freedom may hinge on a single detail… a single witness that needs to be investigated… and a single new case that has just been decided which may show what the police did to you was illegal. It is not by chance, that I win many cases for my clients due to my attention to detail with follow-up and follow through processes of investigating the evidence… I am keen on the details because I know how important they can be to winning your case.

If you need help in a criminal law situation, such a domestic violence attorney sacramento, time is of the essence. Call me today so I can start working on your case with the focus, detail and determination it requires to find crucial evidence that places you in the strongest position to win. I will give a free initial consultation. Once I am hired, we can sit down together and create a strategic game plan for a successful outcome.

Proven Results as a Sacramento Criminal Lawyer

David W. Bonilla has an enviable record as a Sacramento criminal defense attorney, winning cases for his clients. No matter how serious the charge, he works to find the weakness in the prosecutor’s case forcing a dismissal or convince a jury that the evidence is insufficient resulting in acquittal. Review my case results page for more information. Also check my reviews in a Sacramento attorneys directory site such as Avvo.

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Quick Info

What Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Do?

Sacramento criminal defense lawyers represent defendants during the stages leading to a trial or plea, and at the trial itself. They give the defendant legal advice, legal counseling, and they represent them before the court.

Defense attorneys can begin the representation of a client at an early stage in the proceeding. In many cases, they start counseling the client before he or she is even charged with a crime. Criminal defense professionals can start helping a client when the police are merely investigating illegal activity, or if they have started interrogating a potential suspect.

Some of the things a defense attorney does includes:

  • Counseling defendants during questioning or interrogation by law enforcement
  • Preparing the case and representing the client pre-trial
  • Engaging in plea negotiations with the prosecutor (District Attorney)
  • Writing legal briefs or motions on the defendant’s behalf and arguing them before the court
  • Performing defense investigations and locating/interviewing defense witnesses
  • Examining the case for possible defenses and presenting them to the court
  • Performing jury trials to obtain an acquittal
  • Assisting a defendant during the sentencing stage
  • Requesting appeals
  • Helping defendants with the probation or parole process

A defense counselor at law can help in many different ways. If you think you may be under investigation or need assistance after an arrest, contact a criminal lawyer as soon as possible to preserve your rights!